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How is YOUR summer going?

THIS is the perfect picture for the kind of way I was feeling today.

Do you ever just feel like …..aaaaahh!!!!

Not upset, not sad, not negative at all, but not really positive 😄 either,

just Blahhh….neutral, with a sensation deep inside that there is something churning…. like, You know there is SOOO much that you “should” or “could“ be doing, BUT you just don’t know where to begin or what to do next?

More accurately, maybe…. I just don’t WANT to!!

I just want to take these little silly faces out for ice cream and play games ALL day!!!

Well, that is exactly what I did!

After dropping 5 of their older siblings off for Summer Camp, we took a detour on our way home and stopped at Chic-fil-A for a mini nugget breakfast biscuit and we split a chocolate cookies and cream shake. Then headed to my moms and we played games all afternoon!!

I still took time for a couple coaching calls and a business training, slipping into the back room for an hour or two (more like 2😉), but it was a great treat, diversion kind of a day!

When my older kids were little I would call those days “Bat out of Hell” days or as my Mom would say when she was raising us, “some days you gotta just ’Get out of Dodge’”

In life coaching, this is called “changing your state”. Sometimes just jumping out of your chair and taking a jog/walk around the block or turning some music on and doing a dance party With the kids can be just what is needed to shake off those “blahhhh” feelings associated with “I don’t know what to do next…!!!” Or the “I don‘t want to” bug.

In the past, before I understood that my heavy, foggy, blah feeling was associated with he thoughts I was holding, I would buffer, (indulge the desire to “get outta Dodge”) and throw the kids in the van and just start driving. Usually North, and we would end up either at a park in a neighboring city ~30min-1 hour away, or at my favorite fabric store (still 30 minutes away), where I would escape in bolts of beautiful color and textures. I would match swatches and map out beautiful combinations of patterns and colors and create blankets in my mind, all

while my kids either hung out at my side or waited in the air conditioned van and took turns coming in to use the Bathroom that the owners renovated to look like an outdoor outhouse with ants painted on the floors and vines climbing up the pipes.

Those store owners know me and most of my children by name. We have become good friends. The friendship was a side benefit, but ultimately, the choice to leave my home when those feelings and thoughts hit to buffer & escape was really a trap that caused more and more of the same blah, unproductive feelings when I was back home. It took many years before I got to the bottom of why I was doing this and then correcting it. Do you ever feel like a ‘bat outa hell‘ and want to just fly? Not forever. There‘s no judgement, just the feeling you gotta “get outta dodge“ as my Mom so eloquently put it.

What do you do when that feeling hits?

if you want to chat or get some support getting to the bottom of why You might be feeling this way and what you can do about it, leave a comment or just shoot me an email and we can set up a time to chat.

I am here for you! You’ve GOT this mama!! Enjoy your summer AND your silly fun Kiddos! ❤️

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